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Charles K. Owner in River Run, Keystone

"I walked into my property for the first time since I hired cleaning management to clean for me. I was amazed. They didn't miss a single thing and my property was spotless."

SummitCove.Com Property Management

"Cleaning Management has been a vital part of our business. Starting off with just a few propeties and growing to over 50 properties in a short amount of time, George and Rosa, the owners of Cleaning Management, demostrated that they have the capacity and organization to grow just as quickly without any mistakes. Since starting with Cleaning Management, we have not had a single guest walk into an unclean property and have never had a single guest complaint about the cleanliness of any property.

This is quite the switch from our old cleaning service. Its hard to find reliable people in resort towns, and believe me....Cleaning Management is as reliable as they come! They go above and beyond the ordinary to ensure that everything is done right...the first time, and without having to ask twice. "

Edna M. Owner in Dillon

"For years I was frustrated with my cleaning service. I had to give refunds to my guests who walked into my filthy property, which was downright embarrassing. My old service basically did just the minimum. When I found Cleaning Management, that all changed. I have never had a problem and they go above and beyond the call of duty for me. They will even deliver groceries for my guests!