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COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines

Departure Cleaning

Initial Property Walk Through

  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning for 20 seconds with warm soapy water &/or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Wear PPE mask & gloves, discard gloves after cleaning.
  • Ventilate rooms when possible as you clean.
  • Discard used magazines, newspapers, brochures & documents left from guests.
  • Gather Check-in Items: Keys, fobs, garage/gate remotes, parking passes, wristbands, house books, etc.

Exterior Entrances - Front Door/Patio/Balcony

  • Remove soiled pool towels to launder, as necessary.
  • Wipe down outdoor furniture
  • Clean grill, outdoor appliances & preparation services & disinfect common touch points.
  • Disinfect touch points: handrails, ladders, remotes, control panels, knobs, switches, doors & handles.
  • Clear entrance areas of dirt, debris, bugs & cobwebs from overhangs, corners, lights, storage areas, etc.  
  • Sweep entrance areas to include steps, decks, balconies, porches, patios, gates, etc.  
  • Vacuum door thresholds & sliding glass door tracks to remove dirt, sand or debris.
  • Vacuum or shake entry mats to remove debris on both sides


  • Determine if dishwasher needs to run, check for dirty or broken dishes, load, allow time for clean dishes to cycle, unload & placed in proper location.
  • Determine if oven & stove top will require additional cleaning & if necessary, treat & clean, select self-clean if time permits, remove, soak & clean grills & drip pans then treat & clean stove top & reassemble.  
  • Remove food, spices, condiments & liquor left by guests.
  • Clean fingerprints & smudges from walls & doors.   Clean & polish stainless steel appliances with recommended product.   Organize & straighten all kitchen cutlery, glassware, dishes, pots & pans, etc. in a neat & organized manner in cabinets & drawers to assist in representing a clean environment.
  • Clean appliance interiors & exteriors while disinfecting touch points
  • Restock kitchen supplies dishwasher detergent, liquid dish soap, paper towels, sponge, dish towel, 5 extra trash bags, disinfecting wipes and bottle of disinfecting cleaner


  • Strip beds of soiled linens
  • Bedding soft surfaces & fabrics including the mattress can be treated with an EPA Registered Disinfectant. If disinfecting mattress allow disinfectant to dry prior to layering bedding.
  • Make bed with clean stain-free linens & ensure sheets are symmetrically tucked & tight with pillows & bedding accessories arranged in a neat & tidy fashion.
  • Open closets & drawers for forgotten items & return items to PM.
  • Remove debris from underneath beds, behind & between headboards, nightstands & dressers.
  • High dust or vacuum: ceiling fans, light bulbs, light fixtures, air vents & returns. If necessary, damp wipe with recommended cleaner.
  • Clean or vacuum furniture, including underneath chair & sofa cushions.
  • Organize/space/face hangers in an orderly fashion, remove those that do not belong, then disinfect.   Straighten luggage racks & disinfect.


  • Remove soiled towels, hand towels, wash clothes & bathmats to launder, as necessary.
  • Clean mirrors, glass doors or interior windows with a microfiber cloth & non-ammoniated glass cleaner.   Clean fingerprints & smudges from walls & doors.
  • Removing hair from blow dryer, wipe and disinfect the entire body & cord, wrap cord in orderly fashion.    
  • Replace or launder shower curtain & shower liner as required.  
  • Remove any debris or hair in the tub &/or shower drain or stopper.

Clean and disinfect the following surfaces & items including touch points:

  • *Cabinets: interiors, watermarks, fronts, commonly used edges, handles & pulls.
  • *Vanity: countertops, backsplash, sink, drain, faucets, knobs & handles.  
  • *Tub &/or Shower: ledges, walls, and shelves, hanging racks, drain, rod/shower door, faucets, fixtures &handles.
  • *Toilet: handle, tank, lid, seat, rim, bowl, pedestal to floor & splash wall.
  • Empty trash, clean & disinfect trashcan, replace liner to promote a clean uniformed look.  
  • Replenish/replace bathroom amenities to include but not limited to hand soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, etc.   Place toilet paper on tissue holder
  • Replenish towels, hand towels, wash cloths, make-up cloths, bathmats, etc.
  • Hang clean towels neatly on rack or placed inside closet or cabinetry in an organized manner.  
  • Close lid of the toilet seat sit & look up, down, right, left

Living Room

  • Open pullout sofa removes used linens, vacuum crumbs, remove trash, return to original position & place sleeper sofa bag with sleeper sofa setup in closet.
  • High dust or vacuum: ceiling fans, light fixtures. If necessary, damp wipe with recommended cleaner.
  • Clean fingerprints & smudges from walls & doors.  
  • Remove debris from underneath furniture, tables, etc., there should be no trash left behind.
  • Clean or vacuum upholstered furniture, including underneath chair & sofa cushions, each cushion or throw pillow should be removed & reviewed & if it passes approval fluffed & properly placed and spray disinfectant

Laundry Room

  • Washing Machine: wipe interior including agitator for top loaders & rubber gasket for front loaders. Be sure to leave front loaders door open so moisture can escape.
  • Dryer: remove & clean lint trap & wipe inside & outside of dryer.
  • Laundry Baskets & Hampers: clean & disinfect.   Ironing Board & Irons: clean & disinfect.
  • Empty trash, clean & disinfect trashcan, replace liner to promote a clean uniformed look.  

Garage/Driveway/Parking/Storage Area

  • Vacuum &/or shake entry mats to remove debris on both sides.
  • Remove debris from ground, corners, benches, tables, etc.    
  • Provide clean trash &/or recycle bins.
  • Sweep or use hand blower as necessary to provide an inviting 1st impression.  

General for all rooms and areas

  • Disinfection Reminder for the following Key Touch Points: light & lamp switches & chains, door, closets, drawer handles, remote controls, HVAC or PTAC control panels, telephone handsets & dial pads, desktops, handles, buttons, knobs, etc. Buff brightwork surfaces after disinfecting, i.e. faucets & handles.  
  • Close window blinds to a 65-degree angle, open curtains to be evenly spaced on both sides of windows or doors throughout the home to provide a uniformed appearance.
  • Vacuum &/or sweep floors starting from the farthest point of the room backing out towards the door. Lift furniture where possible removing items visible to the eye
  • Wash floors with clean mop after being swept with approved floor cleaner & disinfectant
  • Dust & clean and disinfect TV screens, electronics, framed glass, lamps & horizontal surfaces such as nightstands, table tops, TV consoles, etc. with microfiber cloth and appropriate screen safe cleaner, glass, wood or metallic recommended products to capture dust (do not use paper towels or Windex).  
  • Dust window blinds, windowsills, doorframes, baseboards, etc. & damp dust if necessary.
  • Clean mirrors, glass doors or interior windows with a microfiber cloth & non-ammoniated glass cleaner.  

Departure & Securing the Residence

  • Discard any debris from vacuum canister or change bag as necessary, clean & disinfect.
  • Ensure all housekeeping contractors' cleaning products, chemicals & personal items have been removed.  
  • Set HVAC thermostat to pre-determined temperature, clean & disinfect.  
  • Ensure all windows & doors are locked.   Disinfect doors, handles, keypads or lockboxes.
  • Please note that everything has been disinfected at this point when the Housekeeping Inspector or QA
  • Inspector returns, he/she should wear PPE masks & gloves
  • Recommended to always have a disinfectant wipe when walking around when touching key touch points.
  • Drop linens at cleaners or launder with proper sanitation products & temperatures.

Check out instructions for guest:

For the safety of our employees this is important, extra fees will be charge if is not done

  • Load and run dishwasher
  • Take trash out to dumpster located in the parking area
  • In some units with no dumpster, leave trash in the garage all bagged